Horse & Rider Dolls by Marty Cuny, Oglala Lakota

Horse & Rider Dolls by Marty Cuny, Oglala Lakota
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My name is Marty Paul Cuny, and I was born and raised out in the country on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation by my grandparents Oliver Garnier and Evelyn Tobacco. Being one of the last government trappers, raising horses and selling beadwork, my grandparents instilled in me their love for the outdoors, horses and beadwork. I have been doing artwork for around 50 years and the use of horses and incorporating them in most of my artwork is what I make part of my living. Crazy Horse is my relative, and the monument for him is a great place for my horses and riders to be seen and shared. In 1986 I was given a one hundred dollar college book award while attending Oglala Lakota College. It really helped, and when I come here it still gives me a great honor for them to assist me. Now I get to sell my art to them years later. It's so rewarding for me to be one of the many professional Native Artists to be represented by the Crazy Horse monument family and staff. Please enjoy my art as much as I love to create them.

The Small dolls are 6.5" - 7" tall and are $325 each.  The Large doll is 9" tall and is $430. These are one of a kind items that are also for sale to the general public in our gift shop. If you would like to know if a particular doll is still available before you place your order, please contact us. Otherwise, please specify preference in Notes area upon checkout and we will contact you directly to confirm your order.




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