The Best Of Douglas Blue Feather CD

The Best Of Douglas Blue Feather CD
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The Best Of Douglas Blue Feather is a meditative collection that spans a decade of award winning music. This exciting remixed and remastered CD features thirteen songs that defined Douglas Blue Feather's masterful style on the Native American flute and is sure to delight both new listeners and dedicated fans alike.

Songs: 1. Ancient Memories (5:21) from Time for Truth  2. When The Rains Came (5:36) from Heal the Earth  3. Celestial Dreamer (4:50) from Star Nations  4. Place Of Forgiveness (6:53) from Sacred Space  5. Cherry Blossom Moon (4:58) from Heal the Earth  6. Sail Away (6:05) from Time for Truth  7. Remember (4:50) from Arrival  8. Mother Earth (3:24) from Seventh Fire  9. Shadows On The Wall (4:44) from Spirit of the Flute  10. Releasing Of Souls (3:25) from Ride the Lightning  11. A Crown Of Stars (4:05) from A Crown of Stars  12. We Are All One (4:35) from Star Nations  13. Shift Of The Ages (4:24) from Arrival

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