Puzzle Earrings, by Sophie Tenario Benally, Santa Domingo

Puzzle Earrings, by Sophie Tenario Benally, Santa Domingo
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My name is Sophie Tenorio Benally  (Wee-tee’mee’)  from Santo Domingo Pueblo (Kewa), New Mexico.  There are 19 Pueblos left in the whole world who are the descendants of Anasazi the cliff dwellers.
Growing up in Kewa, my father,  Joe Abel Tenorio, was an artist specializing in heshi, turquoise, and coral. My mother, Annie B. Tenorio, was a potter. My mother and father taught me their trades.  As a small child I thought I was being punished when I was awaken before sunrise to help my mother with the pottery.  After finishing the pottery my father would have me drill the heshi and turquoise. I would cry and tell my parents, "you hate me", because they wouldn’t allow me to play with my friends. At that time I didn’t realize my parents were getting me ready for life with the knowledge of the trades they had instilled in me. I now understand their reasoning. - Sophie Tenorio Benally

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