Living Legacy DVD

Living Legacy DVD
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The family reflects on the World's Largest Mountain Carving. The sculptor's wife and family talk about the legacy left to them and their decisions, challenges and emotions as the features of the Face emerged.

An eyewitness account. Carving the face proved Korczak's Dream was alive and had become his family's living legacy. That astonished many, but not the sculptor's family of dreamers. For the Ziolkowski family, Crazy Horse Memorial® is a dream being realized; a living legacy of honoring the Native American. Astonishing and inspiring!

Bonus Features: Face of a Nation -1998 Face Unveiling and the 50th Anniversary Celebration; a truly historic event!; Horse's Head Progress - A look at the progress on the Mountain since Face completion in 1998.; Digital copy and tablet feature for all your devices.

Total run time: 59 minutes. 2006/2012 Korczak's Heritage, Inc. All rights reserved. Closed captioned. Plays worldwide.

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