Lakota Doll by Lorri Ann Two Bulls, Oglala Lakota

Lakota Doll by Lorri Ann Two Bulls, Oglala Lakota
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I am from Red Shirt Table, located on the far north west of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. My goal is to create work starting from scratch. I work with all natural products, i.e., wood, clay, animal hide, glass, sinew, etc. I strive to give each art piece its own personal flair, with a one-of-a-kind look. Each piece of work is hand-painted with designs that reflect my Lakota culture. – Lorri Ann Two Bulls

Doll approximately 10.5" long. These are one of a kind items that are also for sale to the general public in our gift shop. If you would like to know if a particular color or design is available before you place your order, please contact us. Otherwise, please specify color preference in Notes area upon checkout, and we will choose the design for you.

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