Porcelain Dolls by Jerry Samuel (Please contact us to order)

Porcelain Dolls by Jerry Samuel (Please contact us to order)
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I handcrafted these beautiful Southwestern Indian porcelain dolls from scratch to finish in my home in Hogback, N.M. near Four Corners. Along with my wife Victoria and son, Cooper, I create these unique dolls with enthusiasm and in anticipation of attracting doll collectors. The dolls are uniquely designed and each are a one of a kind with no other in the world. Each detailed color, design and clothes are symbolic to every aspect of Native American Indian lifestyles. The clothes resemble the clothes worn by Northern and Plains Indian tribes. The facial design represents spirits of various Navajo Ceremonial Dieties while the colors represent the clans of the Navajo. The attire also tell stories, such as the fox head representing spirits of animals for hunting purposes.

I am of Bitah'nii Clan. I obtained my artistic ability from my family who also are artisans. Thank you for your interest in these authentic porcelain Indian dolls. Each of these dolls are proudly signed below the left ear and are collectable items.  Sincerely, Jerry Samuel

Prices range from $240 to $480, depending on size and style. Please contact us at (605) 673-4681, and we will be happy to assist you.

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