Beaded Bags by Douglas Fast Horse (Please contact us to order)

Beaded Bags by Douglas Fast Horse (Please contact us to order)
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Doug is an Oglala Sioux born on Sept. 27, 1943 to the late William Fast Horse and Elizabeth Spotted Bear Fast Horse, both of Pine Ridge, SD. His reservation is the land of Red Cloud and the family of Sioux War Chief, Crazy Horse. Doug attended elementary school at Holy Rosary Mission and high school at the Oglala Community High School which are both located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He completed 3 1/2 years at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design majoring in Independent Studies, Comparative American Indian Studies and Psychic Anthropology. Doug is a self-taught artist whose Native American art reflects his concerns for his people’s traditions, culture and heritage. He feels that he must communicate to his people through his art, the way his forefathers had lived. Doug believes all of his people have artistic ability but thinks if an Indian creates without his vision, he loses his pride of creation. Without pride, the piece is not a work of art but simply a craft to be sold. The craftsman will stop working if there is no market for the things he makes, but the artist will continue to create for his family, his friends and his own satisfaction.

Here are just a few examples of beaded bags by Doug. These are one of a kind items and are also for sale to the general public in our gift shop. Please contact us at (605) 673-4681, and we will be happy to assist you to find that perfect piece!

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