Drilling & Blasting, the Fine Art of Mountain Carving DVD

Drilling & Blasting, the Fine Art of Mountain Carving DVD
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How do they do that? This amazing and fast-paced DVD answers for the first time “how do they do that?” Watch and learn step-by-step as the mountain workers measure, drill, blast, bulldoze and carve the world’s largest sculpture in a marriage of fine arts and hi-tech explosive engineering. An amazing amount of steps go into every blast – 24 steps in all! Join the crew with a detailed behind-the scenes look as they use specialized skills and state-of-the-art equipment. See dramatic blasts, “aerial” drilling and dangerous bulldozing, and marvel at the tools and equipment it takes to carve a modern wonder of the world. Great bonus features include blast reactions from the crew, a look at the memorial’s staggering dimensions, and a feature on current and future work priorities on the massive project. Total running time: 73 mins. DVD is "Region Worldwide".

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