A Conversation with Ruth & Family DVD

A Conversation with Ruth & Family DVD
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A priceless oral history. Wife, mother, CEO. Ruth Ziolkowski led the dramatic progress at Crazy Horse Memorial® after her husband's death in 1982. In this wide-ranging discusion she reflects on growing up in Connecticut, the first time she met Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, and her decision to come West as a young volunteer at Crazy Horse. Ruth talks about raising 10 children, her philosophy of work, and why she dedicated herself to continuing the dream after the sculptor's death.

Bonus: A Family Conversation. Ziolkowski sons and daughters engage in a lively group discussion about what it was like growing up at Crazy Horse Memorial. They reflect about Korczak and Ruth and about their own commitment to countinuing the Crazy Horse dream.

Disc 1 - DVD Extras: A Family Conversation (20 minutes); Family "Home Movies" (1960's & 1970's); Fighting Stallions & Bronze Program.

Disc 2 - Bonus: Ruth Talks - A Revealing Interview. Ruth answers more of your questions.

2 DVDs. Total run time: 190 minutes. ©2005 Korczak's Heritage, Inc. All rights reserved. Closed captioned. Plays worldwide.

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