Custer's Fall

Custer's Fall
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Custer's Fall by David Humphreys Miller. The Native American side of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. (Meridian, 271 pp., paperback)

Little Big Horn - June 25th, 1876. The day began with the killing of a ten-year-old Indian boy by U.S. cavalry troopers. Before it ended, all of those troopers and their commander, George Armstrong Custer, lay dead on the battlefield of the Little Big Horn - the worst defeat ever inflicted by Native Americans on the U.S. military. In this book the full story of that dramatic day, the events leading up to it, and its aftermath, are told by the only ones who survived to recount it - the Indians. Based on the author's twenty-two years of research, and on the oral testimony of seventy-two Native American eyewitnesses, Custer's Fall is both a superbly skillful weaving of many voices into a gripping narrative fabric, and a revelatory reconstruction that stands as the definitive version of the battle that became a legend and only now emerges as it really was.

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