The Pipe and Christ

The Pipe and Christ
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The Pipe and Christ - A Christian-Sioux Dialogue by William Stolzman. An explanation of American Indian rituals and how they relate to Christian rituals. (Tipi Press, 222 pp., paperback)

Spiritually called to take part in Lakota Sioux rituals, the author to The Pipe and Christ was led to experience extremely different from his upbringing. Investigations led him into experiences both foreign and awesome; for example, that there are not only spirits of heaven and hell but also of Earth. Searching for understanding, he consulted the medicine men and pastors of the Rosebud Indian Reservation to help him reconcile the many apparent theological and spiritual incompatibilities between these two religions. A subsequent six-year dialogue was fruitful, and it showed how the Lakota and Christian religions are both parallel and different – each having an enduring, authentic place in salvation history.


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