Leather Craft Kits

Leather Craft Kits
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Fun leather craft kits for kids 10 years and older. Make your own Mini Dreamcatcher, Mystery Braid Bracelet, Small Knife Pouch, Suede Bag, or Mini Teepee.

Mini Dreamcatcher Kit:  $6.95  Includes artificial sinew, suede lace, feathers, beads and 3" ring. You will need scissors, white glue, ruler and clothes pin.

Mystery Braid Bracelet:  $4.95  Includes rugged full grain cowhide bracelets and pre-attached snaps for 2 bracelets. No tools required.

Small Knife Pouch:  $9.95  Includes pre-cut leather parts, thread & needle, and pre-attached snap. Holds most Scout or Swiss Army type knives. You will need design tools and leather finish.

Suede Bag Kit:  $11.95  Includes pre-cut and pre-punched suede leather parts, waxed thread and needle. You will need decorations such as acrylic paint, beads, or markers (optional).

Mini Teepee Kit:  $5.45  Includes Suede teepee body, leather disk, dowels, and sinew.  You will need scissors, white glue, acrylic paints or markers, and a clothespin or small clamp.


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